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We help business challenges by using data. Without all the nonsense.

25 years in the making

You likely have a business-critical question where you know that using and analyzing data could help you solve the problem.

Gambit Quantic helps businesses to become data driven. The initiative combines Gambit’s state-of-the-art digitalization competence with machine-learning and data expertise.

We create competitive advantages by digitizing processes and leveraging advanced analytics. Gambit Quantic provide flexible services, starting from specific projects to firm-wide data strategy consultation and implementation.

The Chief Data Scientist

Daniel Djupsjöbacka has worked with a wide range of projects related to quantitative portfolio management, data analytics and business strategy.

Statistics and Machine Learning

25 years of experience from applied statistics focused on practical business implementations.

Business Strategy and Modelling

Developed quantitative models for industry growth and analytics for client duration distributions for domestic and foreign markets.

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Daniel Djupsjöbacka

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