Suomen Yrittäjäturva (SYT) has the entrepreneur’s best interests at heart by highlighting the entrepreneur’s wellbeing, the continuity of business-driven operations and measurable results. The company’s offering include insurance solutions and services, personal insurances and reward solutions in collaboration with Aktia and Veritas. 

Digging into data

The cooperation between SYT and Quantic was initiated in January 2021. Like many other companies, SYT creates a lot of business-critical data in their daily operations. They realized early that one of the keys to success is to be able to benefit from the data. Therefore, our first joint project was to develop an analytics roadmap to boost the use of data in SYT’s decision making process.

SYT has a large distributor network and was interested in following up on sales in an easy and efficient way. To achieve this, we carried out a BI implementation for real time reporting of product sales and profitability suited for different levels of the organization. Furthermore, we have developed KPI’s for monitoring sales success and time efficiency as well as evaluation of lead channel profitability.

We are currently working on a completion of the BI project, providing even more analytics insights.


What I really appreciate with our cooperation is Quantic’s business-focused mindset, resulting in automated, quick reporting that clearly helps drive sales for our company. We have gained added value through increased focus and transparency, and by removing unnecessary administration.

Teemu Lillrank, CEO at SYT


SYT is a very interesting customer for us. They are highly growth-oriented and they realized the value of analytics right from the start. Thanks to this, we have together been able to develop an analytics strategy benefiting from data and supporting sales. It’s great to see the added value provided through analytics to the continuously growing distributor network.

Daniel Djupsjöbacka, Chief Data Scientist at Quantic

Client Suomen Yrittäjäturva Oy
When was this? Ongoing cooperation since January 2021
Daniel Djupsjöbacka
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