The waste management companyStormossenhandles waste from six municipalities. Its located in KoivulahtiMustasaari, and had a 14,4 million euros turnover in 2019. Circular economy is at the heart of the company, transforming biowaste and sludge into compost soil and biogas vehicle fuel. 

In February 2017the company launched the Vaasa region’s first public refuelling station for vehicle biogasThe opening of a refinery, turning biogas into vehicle gas, followed in May. Stormossen also provides a bus depot for the slow-fill refuelling of the city’s twelve gas-powered buses, as well as a public refuelling station. 

 Connecting the dots  

Stormossen possesses a broad set of data collected from the production process. Together we identified the key data for process optimization. Gambit Quantic helped the company to find correlation between key production parameters and financial profitability. Results were used in a custom-built model for Stormossen’s income statement and expected financial impact was assessed. 

We have assisted the customer in building a data-driven understanding of key data in the process, helped to identify measures that have to be closely monitored for optimizing the production process and supported the customer in building an understanding of how key indicators are related to financial results. 

For the visualization part, we have helped the customer to communicate real time updated performance metrics in a visually attractive way to the plant’s personnel. 

Gambit Quantic’s work has provided us with valuable insights regarding the capacity of the facility and regarding the optimization of our profitability. Furthermore, it has given us useful guidelines for production optimization. It has been a true pleasure collaborating with Gambit Quantic!

Aimo Latvala, CEO at Stormossen

The outcome 

The results from this project will increase the revenues from the plant due to higher utilization of capacity, more transparent follow-up and a data-driven understanding of the process. The project will also help lowering the costs thanks to more optimal processes. 

This has been a very interesting project which has shown the great potential of becoming data-driven in the business decision process. It’s fantastic that the waste which we produce can be effectively recycled and help contribute to the circular economy.

Daniel Djupsjöbacka, Chief Data Scientist

Client Ab Stormossen Oy
When was this? Finalized November 2020
Daniel Djupsjöbacka
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